Lakeside Inn and Casino in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe and the Lakeside Inn and Casino are two of the best known places to go for a gambling vacation. These are some of the most exciting spots around the lake. If you are planning a vacation and don’t want to be in the small towns, than these are the two locations that will help you get away from it all.

lakeside inn and casino in lake tahoe

There is no doubt that the Casino is much more popular than the Inn itself. There is a definite ambiance about it that has attracted many people to it. You won’t have a problem finding your way there.

As far as lodging goes, both the Casino and the Inn are well worth the trip. They provide you with top notch amenities such as in house pools, spas, saunas, fitness centers, shopping facilities, and laundry facilities. You can even book a room just for you or your loved ones. One thing that you will need to know is that the Casino is a bit more expensive than the Inn so plan on spending a little extra money on that trip.

One thing that you will want to make sure you bring along is your sleeping bag and a pillow. This may seem a little odd but you will not be able to find one near the Casino. So take a pillow and use it in your hotel room. Also, bring a cooler, if you are going to stay there long enough to stock up on drinks.

If you are coming from the north, then you may be heading towards the Casino through Colfax. You will need to drive past it if you are looking to avoid this area. Another option is to take the Highway 101 to visit the Casino from Reno. It will take you less time to get there and it will get you closer to the Casino.

The Lakeside Inn and Casino is a place that many people make the trip out of Lake Tahoe for the first time. This is a part of the lake that is usually crowded by tourists. However, the casino is a nice change. You can get a nice room with internet, television, radio, and even play your own games. You will also get food service in your room.

If you are driving from the north, then you may be heading to Reno where you can head to the Casino. You may also be able to travel on I-80 to get to the Casino. However, driving is always easier if you take a highway that will save you the time spent taking I-80 through the mountains.

Once you get to the Casino, you will be able to go shopping or enjoy an indoor or outdoor pool. You can even catch a show on one of the big screens.