Enjoy a Soaring Adventure With the Lake Villa Hotel

The Lakeside Inn and Casino Hotel in Cancun have received a new name and updated designs that make it the perfect choice for families. It is located at the bay of Playa del Carmen, right on the edge of the Palapa Beach which is the most beautiful stretch of white sand and turquoise waters. The hotel has the most modern and convenient facilities and amenities that will be suitable for the entire family.

lakeside inn and casino hotel

The Lakeside Inn and Casino Hotel offers wonderful activities and entertainment in their restaurant and in their dining area. There are many things to see and do in this beautiful area and the resort has the most beautiful pools and beaches for kids to enjoy. Cancun’s Carnival-San Antonio attracts thousands of people from all over the world during the annual festival. For the kids who like to swim and enjoy water sports, there are diving and snorkeling tours available.

In Cancun the three lake villa hotels offer families the best in luxury and comfortable accommodations. They offer children the opportunity to swim and enjoy the endless possibilities of being at the heart of adventure in Cancun. The hotels are in close proximity to some of the top attractions and offer guests lots of options for sightseeing and fun. This will also be a great place for family reunions.

There are three inns that are located in the La Loma Golf Course and all offer fine accommodations that will please any family. Each one features a fun-filled atmosphere and a full service restaurant for entertaining the kids and preparing a wonderful day of outdoor fun. The Lake Villa and the Bay Inn will be sure to give the little ones the best of both worlds. For adults the Olympic Village in Playa Del Carmen offers the finest in accommodations and entertainment.

For the more adventurous individuals the Guadalupe Riverboat Cruise offers the opportunity to have a truly unique and exciting experience. The hotel has also been equipped with modern amenities and services that will provide all the amenities and facilities for the whole family. Each guest will find the warm hospitality and excellent customer service that will allow them to relax and enjoy themselves fully.

If your budget allows, you can stay at the Lakeside Inn and Casino Hotel. You can go sightseeing in Playa del Carmen and the surrounding areas. You can take the opportunity to swim in the beautiful pools of the resort or just relax by the pool side. In order to ensure that your trip is a memorable one, why not choose to stay in the Lakeside Inn and Casino Hotel for a luxurious stay while you are in Cancun?

Damalil Manteza, owner of the Lakeside Inn and Casino Hotel, is always ready to welcome visitors. He will make sure that you have a comfortable stay and that you will be able to visit the resort and enjoy all the activities and enjoyment that Cancun has to offer.